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CPAP Machines

  • CPAP Transcend
  • CPAP DeVilbiss
  • CPAP Curasa Auto
Transcend Battery Powered CPAP

Don't be powerless

You'll never have to worry about power outages again.The Transcend battery provides backup power during stroms and brown outs for uninterrupted therapy.it's also perfect for use in remote locations where power is unavailable.Ensure youy'll always have the energy you need, whether you're on the road or at home.Get the world's smallest,lightest and most portable CPAP battery from Transcend. CPAP Transcend
The Innovative Transcend CPAP may look small, but it's packed with big features that aren't available with other CPAPs.
CPAP Transcend Multi Night / Over Night
Transcend P4TM Overnight battery System Transcend P4TM Multi-Night battery System
Provides battery back-up during power outages Right Right
Small and compact for travel Right Right
Fits in a 10'x9'x3-1/2' size travel bag w/ full CPAP system Right Right
Rechargeable with Transcend AC Power Supply Right Right
Rechargeable with Transcend DC Mobile Power Adapter Right Right
Provides a full night's sleep Right Right
Provides multiple night's sleep Right
Battery Accessories
Battery pouch with arm bend Right Right
Chest band option Right Right
Transcend Mobile Power Adaptor Right Right
  • *Transcend P4' battery pack provides power to operate the Transcend CPAP for a approximately 8 hours at a pressure setting of 14cm H20 not recommended for pressure greater than 14cm H20.
  • **Transcend P8' battery pack provides power to operate the Transcend CPAP for a approximately 16 hours at a pressure setting of 14cm H20 not recommended for pressure greater than 18cm H20.
Product Features
CPAP DeVilbiss
  • Automatic pressure adjustment based on event density and type
  • Adjustable definition of apnea and hypopnea (percentage and duration)
  • Adjustable upper and lower pressure limits
  • Adjustable delay setting for up to four hours
  • Automatic detection of mask conditions and ultra-sensitive snoring detection
Pressure Settings : 3-20 H20 cm
While Breathing Compliance : Yes
Event Detection : Yes
SmartFlex Exhale Pressure Relief : Off, 1, 2 or 3 cm H20 pressure relief
Inhale Rounding : Range: 0-5, increments of 1
Exhale Rounding : Range: 0-5, increments of 1
Automatic Leak Compensation : Yes
Remote Control Capabilities : Yes
Onboard Filter Clean Reminder : Yes
Onboard Compliance Quick Code : SmartCode
Therapy Management Software : SmartLink
Detailed Usage Data : SmartLink
Data Transfer via Memory Card : SmartLink
Remote Compliance Data Retrieval : SmartCode
Remote Efficacy Data Retrieval : SmartCode
Delay Pressure : 3 H20 cm to lowest prescribed pressure in 0.5 cm H20 cm increments
Delay Time : 0 to 45 minutes in 5-minute increments
Delay Time 0 to 45 minutes in 5-minute increments
Auto ON and Auto OFF Yes
Visual Mask Off Alert Yes
Product Weight 4.45 lbs with heated humidification system
Product Width 6.5 in.
Product Length/Depth 8.4 in.
Product Height 6.4 in.
Warranty 1-year warranty on IntelliPAP
1-year warranty on heated humidification system
3-month warranty on humidifier chamber
Product Features
Curasa CPAP
Curasa Auto works in sync with the patient to reduce Work of Breathing (WOB) using Adaptive Triggering Technology (ATT).

These machines are extremely lightweight compact, and aesthetic looking. They are ideal for home use or during travel.

The New Cutting Edge Technology incorporates the measurement of the CPAP pressure directly at the mask level through a specially designed Hose Pipe.

This technology makes it possible for accurate leak management and completely avoids adjustment for compensation for altitude, Leak and external devices such as Humidifiers in the patient’s circuit.

One of the main reasons for machine fault is the seepage of water from the integrated humidifier into the machine during transport or shifting. In Curasa Nasal CPAP systems, the disconnection of the integrated humidifier connecting pipe isolates the flow generator from the humidifier.

Pressure Range 4cmH20 – 20cmH20
Pressure Variance / Control ±0.4cmH20
Ramp Time 0-60min adjustable 1min/step
Noise (10cm H2O / ~1.0KPa) < 29dB (A)
Dimensions 170mm x 117mm x 93mm
Weight 1.05kg (1.4Kg with Humidifier)
Automatic Altitude Compensation 700hPa ~ 1060hPa
Mask On / Off Detection Automatic Start/Stop on breath detection
Alarms Power Faliure
Power Supply 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 24DV, 2.5 A max.
Compliance Meter 1st on operation, 2nd on breath detection
Protection against shock / Water ingress Class II, Type B applied part / IPXO
Electromagnetic compatibility EN 60601-1-2
CE Certification CE 0123
Pressure Control At the Patient Mask
Operational relative Humidity 10% ~ 93% (Non-condensing)
Humidifier Integrated, 250ml, 44 C
Curasa Auto Responds to Apnea, Hpopnea, Flow Limitation, snoring,
leak, mouth opening, over 365 nights data
storage, Auto Manager Software
(USB Connectivity)

Our Diagnostic Tests

  • Home Care Sleep Study
  • Home Care PSG (Polysomnography test)
  • Taitration with CPAP Machine